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Besides my typical New Year’s Resolutions of eating right, and exercise, I would like to create a few Home Decorating resolution of my own. I have one too many lingering projects around my home that are in dire need of my attention. Here’s a few to get me started.

The Fireplace

  • What’s that noise you say?….Oh, that’s the tinkering of the refrigerator repairman stealing my dreams of ever repairing my gas fireplace (at least this month). Darn you Kenmore Elite compressor! For several years I’ve been trying to persuade my husband to repair this flame-less pit of darkness that stares at us on a daily basis.  After our lovely trip to our hometown this holiday season, we were greeted with snow and several homes warmed by a glowing fireplace.  After such a site, the husband remarks, “Hey, why don’t we get ours fixed.”  Great idea honey! Maybe next month?
  • Unfortunately for my husband, a simple repair has turned into a few big ideas, such as updating the mantel, and tile.  It may not happen anytime soon, but it’s on my list! Check out some of my favorite fireplace finds………

Current Fireplace

  • This room is a small space with high ceilings. Due to the the size of the room I need to create a more cohesive look with the materials.
  • Currently there is a white mantel, ivory tiles,  a green wall, and dark built-in cabinets, plenty busy!
  • I would like to replace the mantle, with a piece that coordinates with the built-in cabinets, update the tile and possibly lighten the paint color. Or….If I wasn’t such a fan of the dark cabinets, I could paint them white to work with the existing mantle.


Living Room contemporary living room
  • I like the simple lines of this mantle and the large oversized tile.


Abstract landscape painting traditional living room

  • Maybe I should paint the mantle, but what color?


Living Room Fireplace contemporary living room

Not necessarily the style I’m looking for, but this is a good example of a cohesive look.


Pierre Senechal Interiors + Design mediterranean living room

The hearth is too large, but I like the design of the tile placement and the mantle.


Stamford Living traditional living room

Love the mantle accessories with the plants flanking either side of the mirror.


Mrs. Gervich……Tear down that wall!

  • Remember back in the day when the President shouted to Mr. Gorbachev “Tear down that wall!” I feel like my neighbors are chanting those same exact words when it comes to the crumbling rock wall that surrounds the front of my house. ( Technically it’s not a wall, but looks like one with the rocks stacked a foot high.)
  • This type of white rock does not necessarily go with the exterior brick walls. They gotta go!
  • I would prefer to see a clean edge that looks natural and not so contrived. I also have the gift of destroying all plant life, so it’s essential that they be low maintenance, but we will discuss plants at a different date. We’ve got to get that wall down first!

The Rock Wall

Front Entry Rock Wall

My child would be so disappointed to see this wall go, he sure does enjoy stacking those rocks!


Below I posted several photos of front walk ways with little or no edging.

My Craftsman Home exterior traditional exterior

I’m thinking too many flowers for me, but I like how they skirt the edge of the sidewalk. I also like the tree.


Front walk traditional landscape

Looks like low maintenance to me!


My sad, sad bathroom floors

  • I wish I could blame this one on the previous home owners, but unfortunately it’s all on me! Really, how hard could it be to tile a 3 x 5 area? HGTV can do it in a half hour show, why can’t I?  Turns out, I’m not ‘qualified’ to replace tile and from now on I will stick with picking tile for myself and my clients.


Tile Ideas!

  • The current bathtub tile is a medium scale, and by introducing a smaller tile it would mix it up a bit.  Eventually I will carry the smaller tile over to the sink area.

Basket Weave White  Tile

Pebble White Gloss Tile

  • I like the idea of contrasting the round tile against the existing square shower/bath tile.

Penny Round Light Blue Tile

  • Maybe adding a pop of color such as this blue tile, would be fun. After all it is a children’s bathroom, but how long will I like this color?  Hmm?


Current bathroom

I painted the walls a soft yellow, because it gives a crisp and clean look against the white tile. Below I’ve included images of bathrooms with yellow walls and white bath tile.  During my search, I found it interesting to find the combination of yellow, white and gray.  They say, gray is the new neutral color!   I like it!

Cascadia Residence 09 traditional bathroom

The window treatments are gray roman shades and tile flooring; the gray makes the free standing tub pop off the floor!

Druid Hills Renovation New Childrens Bathroom in Attic traditional bathroom

The combination of the dark cabinets, and the 2 different types of tile is very close to the look I’m trying to achieve.  I love a farm sink, but I’d rather keep it in the kitchen.

2001 Showcase traditional bathroom

Great floors!  Check out the the gray tile around the sink.  After all gray is the new neutral!

There you have it, that’s the start of my 2011 Decorating Resolution list!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I would love to hear what’s on your Decorating Resolution list!

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  1. Jena says:

    I love your ideas! You inspire me to get going!

  2. April says:

    Love the ideas and don’t think you can ever have too many flowers when you live in a town called Flower Mound!

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